Powerful Early Intervention Strategies to Help Young Children with Developmental Problems and Challenging Behaviors

(Preschool – Kindergarten)

Presented by Dr. John Pagano
Outstanding Teacher, Occupational Therapist and National Presenter
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Designed Specifically for Educators and Therapists Serving Children From Preschool Through Kindergarten: Classroom Teachers, Preschool Staff, Special Education Staff, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Instructional Aides, and Administrators

  • Dozens of highly practical strategies that improve the attention, behavior and social skills of young children with development problems and challenging behavior
  • Proven, proactive, positive management techniques to maximize learning and minimize tantrums, disruptions and distractions
  • Research-based, classroom-tested recommendations for organizing and adapting the learning environment for young children with special needs
  • Demonstrations, examples, modeling, and an extensive resource handbook packed with ready-to-use techniques, activities and ideas you can implement immediately in your own classroom or program

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Young children are increasingly demonstrating a combination of developmental, behavioral and sensory integration problems. How can we, as teachers and therapists, effectively identify, understand and address these combined challenges in order to maximize learning for students with special needs?
In this cutting-edge , John Pagano will share a wealth of practical strategies that simultaneously address the uniquely combined developmental, behavioral and sensory integration challenges of young children. Using humor, demonstrations and video clips of his work with preschool and kindergarten students in a variety of settings, John will share successful strategies for improving the behavior, sensory integration, learning, and developmental skills of these children and he will present easy-to-administer assessments that will help you address the specific behavioral and sensory integration problems of children with special needs.
In addition, you will receive ready-to-implement ideas to organize your classroom or therapy sessions, manage and reduce aggressive behaviors and implement practical sensory integration techniques. You will leave this outstanding seminar with dozens of practical ideas and strategies to help your students make significant gains in their behavior, sensory processing and learning skills. Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook including the practical, classroom-proven techniques and strategies discussed in the seminar, recent research-based information validating the use of sensory integration and behavioral strategies presented, and much, much more!

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